How Long Do Refrigerator Water Filters Last?

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How Long Do Refrigerator Water Filters Last

How Long Do Refrigerator Water Filters Last?

Do you stop to consider that your freshwater supply lies on the strength of your fridge filter? This pops up the question: "how long do refrigerator water filters last?"

Your health gets better with how clean and hygienic the water you drink is. It's critical to note municipal water supplies carry a ton of filth and contaminants. Without a filter, these bacteria and heavy chemicals will pollute your water.


The Best Guide: How Long Do Refrigerator Water Filters Last?


We are here to answer this all-important question: "how much time does it take for refrigerator water filters to last", which is why this guide has been put together.


But is it good to change the refrigerator water filter?


Aside from the goodness a clean freshwater filter brings to your health, there are very important perks of changing the refrigerator water filter from time to time.

Prolonged use of a filter will make it less effective in draining out water pollutants. It means your water will be contaminated.

Unwanted water content such as bacteria, dirt, and heavy minerals escape the filtration, in such a case, your drinking water will taste bad, and your ice will taste bad too. As a result, the filter will be blocked by sediment.

You wouldn't want to deal with a blocked filter as it will break down your refrigerator - the water pressure will reduce, and the ice production will also be low.


How long until you change your water filter?


In general, a refrigerator water filter should be replaced every six months, says the manufacturers. But some conditions determine the timing for replacing the water filter in the fridge:


  1. Hardness of water

  2. Quality of water

  3. Frequency of use of ice maker and water dispenser

    These conditions impact how soon the water filter gets dirty. You can get the test strips to check the level of contamination your water has if you're unsure how clean it is.


    Signs Your Water Filter Needs a Replacement Filter


    Sometimes, we don't keep a tab on how often we change our filters. That's not a problem. The following signs will show you when to change the water filter in the fridge:

    1. Bad smelling ice or refrigerator water

    2. Bad tasting ice or refrigerator water

    3. Low pressure of water dispenser

    4. Problem with the ice maker - zero ice production or reduced efficiency in ice making.

    Should these signs be staring you in the face, then it's time to switch water filters.


    Changing Water Filters - How to Do It


    First look at your refrigerator model and make. By design, replacing the water filter for the refrigerator is seamless:

    1. Buy a replacement filter. This is done by searching through your refrigerator manual for the correct replacement to buy or by looking up the model number online.

    2. Find the water filter. Access the water filter location by going through the manual or using Google.

    3. Shut off your water supply. Move the refrigerator out of its position and cut off the water supply by turning the valve into the OFF position.

    4. Take out the filter. How this is done comes down to the brand and model of the filter. Some filters come off by pushing the release button. For others, you may have to rotate the filter up to a quarter distances and pull it out.

    5. Fit the new filter. Again, the filter model and brand come into play. It's either you push the filter in or rotate it to stay in position.

    6. Turn on the water supply. After you have successfully done your refrigerator water filter replacement, allow the water supply to flow by turning it back on. Then, return the refrigerator to its position.

    Still don't get the hang of how long do refrigerator water filters last? Or if you are having some problems with your refrigerator, Swift Green Filters is your sure plug for everything fridge filter replacement and repairs. We know and have exactly the type of water filter for your home or office filtration system.


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