Distilled Water vs. Purified Water: What Are the Differences?

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Distilled water vs Purified water


Distilled Water vs. Purified Water: What Are the Differences?


Drinking water is an essential part of our daily life. But there are varieties of water available, selecting which one to drink. Budget and health aspects both have to be kept in mind while deciding. Distilled water vs purified water: differences for the same are given below, you can choose the best one.


What is Distilled Water?


Distilled water is a type of purified water. Distilled water is free from contaminants, chemicals, and minerals. Water is boiled into vapors and then condensed back to liquid form; this process is called distillation. Some Research shows that distilled water is the purest form of water.


What is Purified Water?


Purified water is the water that is filtered or processed mechanically to be disinfected for consumption. Purification of water removes several impurities like chemical pollutants, bacteria, metals like copper and lead. In developed western countries, public drinking water is purified so that it is made safe for human consumption. It is essential to note that water should be treated unusually depending on the quality of local water.



What are the differences between distilled water and purified Water?



Distilled water

Purified water


Distilled water is a form of water that is free from minerals and contaminants.

Purified water is a form of water that is free from chemicals and contaminants but still contains minerals.


Distilled water is obtained from the process of distillation.

Purified water is obtained from different methods such as deionization, demineralization, and distillation.


Formation requires equipment for distillation, so the cost is comparatively low.

Production costs more than distilled water because of the advanced techniques used.


Taste element is absent in distilled water as it does not contain any minerals.

Purified water is better in taste as it contains essential minerals.


1. Entirely free of impurities

2. The most effective way to remove contaminants

1. Eliminates chlorine from  water

2. Removes disease causing bacteria

3. Gives benefit to the digestive tract


1. Removes natural minerals essential for health.

2. Drinking may result in impaired metabolism

3. Container material may contaminate water.

1. Impacts dental health by removing fluoride

2. Filtration systems should be regularly maintained.

3. Purified water bottles are harmful to nature.




Which is better distilled or purified water?


The most fascinating fact is that distilled water is purified water. The process of distillation is one of the methods of purifying water. There are many other ways to purify water like deionization, reverse osmosis, etc. The process of distillation requires a lot more energy than reverse osmosis filters or refrigerator water filters. Figure out how much energy it would consume to boil the water until there’s none left. Comparatively, activated carbon technology uses lesser energy. The results of this are more effective and budget-friendly.



Final Words:

Concluding this, after going through the distilled water vs purified water. You get to know that purified water consumes less energy, is cost-effective, contains essential minerals, and has more taste than distilled water. Purified water is the best option to fulfill your water drinking needs. To get purified water, we recommend you to buy refrigerator water filters or under the sink water filters that use activated carbon technology.


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