Filtered Water

Water Filter Regulations

A water filter can be defined as any device which reduces impurities from a water supply. Within the broad category of water filters there are many different types of units.
Filters can be categorized and compared based upon the following criteria:

Filter type

  1. What you are filtering for, such as by-products, taste or lead, for example
  2. Where the unit is installed or used, such as the countertop or under the sink
  3. The rated service life of the filter, usually expressed in months or gallons


Federal: There are no federal regulations regarding the design or effectiveness of water filters.

State: Four of the 50 U.S. states (California, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin) have regulations and requirements for some types of water filters installed, sold or distributed in their state.


Federal: There are no federal standards regarding the design or effectiveness of water filters.

State: The four states with water filter requirements mandate that manufacturers making claims covered by their state statutes and regulations, submit data.

Testing Frequencies

Federal: None

State: The frequency of testing varies.

Compliance & Enforcement

Federal: None

State: Compliance with state regulations is generally enforced through annual requirements to renew certifications/licenses, submission of testing data, and regulator follow-up on complaints or other information regarding changes in the manufacturer’s products or claims.

Protection Guarantees

Federal: In contrast to bottled water, there are no federal regulations regarding the design or effectiveness of water treatment filters.

State: Because the source of the water may contain contaminants which the filter is not designed to reduce or contaminants in excess of the levels for which the unit was tested, state

regulations are not intended to provide a guarantee that the final filtered water will meet all EPA safe drinking water act requirements.

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