Steps-By Steps Instructions: How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

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How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

Steps-By Steps Instructions: How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

Some people find changing water filters often quite daunting. The homeowners mostly come up with the question of how to replace refrigerator water filters or how often it needs to be changed. Well, think of its answer with a simple example of the car air filter. If you leave those air filters uncleansed for long, you will find the performance of the car's engine is getting affected, and the same thing happens with the fridge water filters.


Over time, unchanged filters hold nasty toxins, which can alter the taste of the water and later can damage the refrigerator unit, your health, and your wellbeing overall. So, if you are still not sure how important changing the fridge water filter is, Keep reading the content below to understand how often one needs to change the fridge water filters.


Why is it important to change the water filter?

Changing the fridge water filter is quite important to maintain the cleanliness of drinking water. Water filters work in the same way as the respirators work to blow out the dust and viruses. Water filters prevent unwanted molecules from entering the water and keep drinking water fresh and safe. 

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions while changing the filter, as it always ensures that you enjoy drinking clean water while maintaining safety parameters. Most of the popular refrigerator brands are engineered to run with peak performance and the parameter of 6-month replacement. 

Regular replacement of the water filter ensures that you can avoid consuming unwanted particles and dangerous pollutants, which can travel through the pipes of a refrigerator. Besides this, changing the water filter can prevent scaling deposit build-up. 

If you are not pro at changing refrigerator water filters on your own, find experts who can provide the right water filter for your fridge. At Swift Green Filters, you will find compatible filters for your fridge, and for that, you can explore the website and find the right one as per your fridge model.


What happens if the water filter is not changed for a long time?

An unchanged water filter produces water with a foul smell and unusual taste. Moreover, an unchanged filter for a long time traps dirt, which can affect mechanical action like the operation of the ice dispenser or other parts of the fridge. Timely refrigerator water filter replacement also prevents unwanted particles from getting mixed into the drinking water.


How often does the water filter have to be changed?

No matter which type of water filter is used, each needs to be changed every six months. Although it is standard to change filters every six months, the time may vary based on the number of contaminants in the water and how much water is being consumed at a particular time.


Not sure whether your fridge has a water filter? Here is the guide to locate and change it:

Some people who are new to using a fridge may not know whether the fridge has a water filter or where exactly the filter is located. In this blog post, you will get a quick guide to locate your fridge filter and swap it out whenever needed-


Step #1: Locate the water filter of your fridge: You might find the filter at one side of the top fridge compartment. Else, it can be behind the trim plate between the floor and the bottom of the fridge door. In the case of built-in models, the filter can be behind the service panel at the top of the appliance.


Step #2 Remove the filter cover, if there is any: Some filters have an eject button, some have tabs to squeeze and some just need to twist off to open up the cover.


Step #3 Remove the Expired Filter: Based on the fridge model, you have to swing the old cartridge out from the slot. Then, you can pull the filter straight from the housing or just twist it anti-clockwise and pull it out afterward.


Step #4 New Filter Installations: Insert the new filter into the housing by locking it in place. If you have removed the old filter by twisting anticlockwise, then you can only place the new filter by twisting it clockwise.


Step #5 Flush out the new filter before consuming water: Before you start consuming water from the filter, dispense about two to three gallons of water to remove contaminants and air from the waterline.


Some refrigerators have indicators to change the filter. If your fridge has the same functionality then you don’t forget to reset it for about six months.

We have got you to learn how to replace a refrigerator water filter. If you find it is the right time to change your fridge water filter, contact Swift Green Filters to get reliable water filters for your refrigerator at competitive prices. Swift Green Filters brings you sustainable options for the environment and the people around.


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