Step-By-Step Guide: How to Change Water Filter in LG Fridge

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Step-By-Step Guide: How to Change Water Filter in LG Fridge

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Change Water Filter in LG Fridge 


To always have clean and fresh water in your home, you need to change your water filter at least every six months. Although many people with water filters know this, they do not know how to change their water filters. When you know how to change your water filter, fitting a new one at the right time would not be a difficult task for you. Below is a guide on how to change the water filter in LG fridge, where you can get the replacement filter for LG refrigerator water filters and troubleshooting the filter if it becomes stuck.

Steps To Change LG Water Filter


The following simple steps can help you change your LG water filter without encountering problems. Changing your LG water filter may not be only after six months because some problems may require you to change the filter before six months. These problems include limited water production or when the ice tastes bad.  With these steps, you can continue to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water.

How To Replace Water Filter In LG Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Models #s: LT1000P, LT800P, LT700P

Most LG side-by-side refrigerators have a water filter at the top left corner inside the refrigerator. When you want to change the water filter in the LG fridge, use the following steps.

  1. Tilt-up the top shelf and pull it straight out
  2. Locate the Push button on the filter compartment and press it, then pull it down to low the door of the compartment
  3. Pull the water filter downward and pull it gently towards you
  4. Remove the plastic used to wrap the new filter
  5. Line up the tabs on the side of the filter and pull it gently. When the filter is secure, lift it up
  6. Lift and push the filter door to allow it to click in place
  7. Replace the shelf of the refrigerator
  8. Dispense 2.5 gallons of water within 30-seconds intervals and dispose of them to remove the trapped contaminants and air

How To Replace Water Filter In LG French Door Refrigerator

Model #s: LT600P, LT500P

Most French door refrigerators have a water filter on the left interior door. Follow these steps for replacing the water filter in LG fridge.

  1. Turn off the water valve supplying the refrigerator with water
  2. Dispense the water in the refrigerator
  3. Open the refrigerator's left door and lift the bottom door, then pull it out from both ends
  4. Remove the old filter by swinging it, then grasp the button and turn counterclockwise until the filter comes out
  5. Remove the plastic used to wrap the new filter and the filter's top cap
  6. Place the top side of the filter in the compartment of the filter mount and turn it clockwise until you've secured it in place.
  7. Push the filter's bottom part into the compartment
  8. Slide the door bin downwards and push it until it is in place
  9. Turn on the water valve
  10. Dispense 2.5 gallons of water within 30 seconds intervals and dispose of them to prime your new filter

Resetting the Water Filter Light

Some LG refrigerators have an indicator light for the water filter close to the dispenser. The light indicates when the filter is due for changing. After changing your water filter, ensure you reset the light by holding the 'filter' or 'reset' button down for five seconds. The light should turn off until the filter requires changing.

How To Troubleshoot A Stuck LG Water Filter

It's normal to experience difficulty while trying to remove an old water filter from the compartment. However, when you know how to remove the LG fridge water filter, your filter won't get stuck. For a stuck LG water filter, the following tips can help remove it. 

  • Ensure you remove the top shelf if your water filter is in the top corner of the refrigerator. This gives you more space to pull the filter downward and remove the filter
  • Water pressure in the refrigerator can make removing the filter difficult. After you turn off the water line, dispense the remaining water before removing the old water filter to reduce pressure
  • If the filter remains stuck, you may have to contact a professional to help change the filter.



If you know how to change the filters in LG fridge, you can get the Swift Green Filters when your filter is due for changing to continue having access to clean drinking water. Several types of Swift Green Filters are available which are compatible with different LG refrigerator models. You can shop our LG water filter housing replacement now and other LG refrigerator water filters at affordable prices.


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