How to Change Water Filter on Samsung Refrigerator

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How to Change Water Filter on Samsung Refrigerator


How to Change Water Filter on My Samsung Refrigerator


Buying the correct water filter for your Samsung refrigerator comes with some hitches, and you may be unsure about its installation process. It will be important for you and your family's health to change your Samsung Water filter every six months. Is changing the filter on the Samsung refrigerator is a mystery for you? It won't be a mystery for you anymore. Swift Green Filters have comprehensively explained, "how to change a water filter on a Samsung fridge?". In this blog, we'll also let you know each and everything about changing the water filter on a Samsung fridge before buying a Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement. 


Find the Correct Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Part Number for your

Samsung Refrigerator


The first and foremost thing is to find the correct filter part number for your Samsung refrigerator when changing the Samsung water filter. Different Samsung refrigerator models use different types of water filters. Depending on their sizes and shapes, Samsung refrigerator water filters are classified into different categories.

Knowing the correct water filter for your Samsung refrigerator is the first step to changing the water filter on the Samsung refrigerator. However, you should know your Samsung refrigerator model number or filter part number. If you don't know either of these, you can easily find your compatible Samsung refrigerator water filter here.


Step by Step Solution to Learn How to Change the Water Filter on your Samsung Refrigerator

Swift Green Filters has made things easy for you when you have a challenge of "how to change Samsung water filter". To make it super easy for you we will let you know how to find the Samsung refrigerator water filter location then the Samsung fridge filter removal process and in the end Samsung water filter installation. You can do it on your own without any technical expertise.


  1. Purchase the correct replacement filter for your Samsung Fridge: Many compatible water filters are available in the market that can fit into your Samsung Refrigerator. Search with a filter part number or refrigerator model number while you make a purchase. Make sure you are choosing the right filter for your Samsung refrigerator.   


  2. Find the best Samsung refrigerator water filter replacement.


  3. Verify you have the right part: Every Samsung Refrigerator may use a specific model number & filter part number. It means you have to have the correct filter for your refrigerator–not just any water filter will work.


  4. Find Samsung Water Filter's location on your refrigerator: Finding the Samsung refrigerator water filter location is not a difficult thing but It can vary in different Samsung refrigerator depending on the configuration. 


  5. Prepare the Filter for Installation: Next step for Samsung water filter installation is to make the filter ready for installation. For this, you need to remove the plastic wrapper and unscrew the top cap.


  6. Old Samsung Fridge Filter Removal: Make sure you turn off the water supply when removing the old Samsung refrigerator water filter so that the pressure won't hold it back. You need to twist it counterclockwise, clockwise or pull it straight out, depending on the filter model you are using.


  7. Insert new Samsung Water Filter Replacement: While replacing the old filter with the new one, make sure you follow the manual guide correctly.


  8. Reset the Change Water Filter Indicator: All you need now is to reset the filter light by holding down the water selector switch for three seconds.



Here is the list of our most selling replacements for Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters. If you are using any of the following refrigerator water filters and want to replace them, order the best compatible water filter for your Samsung fridge.


DA2900020B, RF4287HARS, RF263BEAESR, HAFCIN, DA29-00003, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003F, DA29-0002B, DA97-06317A, ES-1, 9101, DA2900020A


Here we have tried to explain all the steps in a pretty simple way. We hope now you understand how to change the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator. If you still have any problem in replacing your Samsung refrigerator water filter, please feel free to contact Swift Green Filters for any consultation.


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