How Much Does A Water Filter Cost?

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 How Much Does A Water Filter Cost

How Much Does A Water Filter Cost?


Nowadays the most common question people have about water filters is “How Much Does A Water Filter Cost?”. You will get your answer here. The short answer to this is it depends on which filter is required for your home. Water filters are a necessity and not a luxury these days. It provides many benefits and has many uses. Water filters that are set up in a household use a combination of chemical and physical processes to remove the harmful contaminants present in water. There are so many factors that determine the cost of the water filters.


Let’s Understand the Water Filter Cost Breakdown


As we have mentioned earlier, the cost of a water filter depends on the various factors. We will discuss all these factors in details. Some of these factors include the types of water filters you are trying to install. Apart from this, it will also depend on how much modification your existing plumbing is necessary to install your desired system. Along with this, there is some type of maintenance in the water filtration system, which is also included in the cost.


Types of System


Water filtration systems come in different shapes, sizes and costs. There are two main categories of filtration systems and they come under various types of systems with those categories. The two categories are:

  • Point-of-use (POU)

  • Point-of-entry (POE)

    POU filtration systems are generally used to provide filtered drinking water at a specific tap or location. Whereas, the POE filtration systems are used to provide you with filtered water to your entire house.

    The fact is that POE filtration systems have a higher output and are typically larger than POU filtration systems. The factors that lead to the overall increased cost of POE filtration systems are the size, complexity, and rated output of these reverse osmosis systems.



    Those who have basic knowledge of plumbing might be able to install this filter. Swift Green Filters provides you with a detailed installation guide and videos to detail the process. Those who don’t want to bother will need to hire a professional. Installation of a water filter is costly. POU filtration system can be installed under a sink faucet or even on the countertop. Whereas, the POE systems are installed at the main water supply in your home.



    The water filtration system requires regular maintenance whether it’s POE or POU. Once the system is installed it has a capacity of one million gallons. The 5-micron filter should be replaced every six months in order to get its best performance. How often you need to change your water filter depends on what type of filter you purchase and what type of house water filtration media does it contain. You need to get proper knowledge of how often you should change your water filters and how much each of them costs, before installing your system.


    The Bottom Line


    The main factors that influence the price of a water filtration system are the size and the complexity of the product. Basically, a POE filtration system, which provides filtered water to your entire house, will cost more than a POU filtration system. Water filters will require regular maintenance. Take time to know more about the maintenance schedule and cost of replacement filters. This will give you a more accurate picture of how much a water filter costs.


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