How Do Water Filters Work?

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How Do Water Filters Work


How Do Water Filters Work?

As we all know, it is impossible to survive without water. It is quite rare to find good quality drinking water in the United States. Most areas of the United States have poor quality water. To get safe drinking water people in the USA use water filters. Most people don't know "how do water filters work?" But they are curious to know "how do water filters work?" So Swift Green Filter is here to help them to know about the working of the water filters in the easiest way. First of all, let's discuss what water filters are. 


What are water filters?

A water filter is an appliance with the help of which water is purified for human consumption and other applications. Whenever water is used for consumption, it is ensured that the water is free from sediment, odor, bacteria and other harmful contaminants. Water Filters remove all the unwanted impurities from water to provide fresh, clean and safe water. There are different types of water filters available in the market for different applications. Functionality of the water filters depends upon the media used in the water filter. Now, we will discuss the working of the water filters.



How does activated carbon water filters work?

Different kinds of water filters use different kinds of water filter media. The most effective water filter media is activated carbon. We will discuss the working of the activated carbon water filters. 

Activated water filters can effectively reduce both contaminants and harmful chemicals from the drinking water. Water filters using activated carbon have a maximum surface area that maintains the flow rate and provides clean water. There are three simple steps activated carbon technology uses to filter contaminants. Let’s understand the working of a water filter in simple steps. 


  1. The first step of the working of the water filter is physical absorption. In this process, the large internal surface area physically filters out the sediments and contaminants.
  2. As water passes through it the activated carbon begins to act like a magnet for compounds such as lead and VOCs.
  3. Then finally, the chemical reactions take place inside the filter and reduce chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Swift Green Filters uses activated carbon to manufacture the best water filters for its consumers. Swift Green Filters has a wide range of water filters including refrigerator water filters, under-the-sink water filters, pitcher water filters, and custom carbon blocks. We are providing these water filters at reasonable prices. For best results, you should replace your water filter at the recommended time.


Water plays an important role in our life. Water not only keeps us alive, but also plays an important role in our physical and mental health. You can live a healthier life by improving the quality of the drinking water with the help of water filters. Avoid using a poor quality water filter, it can make you sick. 


We are experts in the water industry and are passionate about sharing awareness of water issues to people around the world. Here we have covered the topics like “what are water filters?” and “how do water filters work?". Water filters that are made using the activated carbon are the best in the water filter industries. If you are looking for affordable & high quality water filters then try Swift’s Green Filters.


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