Do Refrigerator Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

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Do Refrigerator Water Filters Remove Fluoride

Do Refrigerator Water Filters Remove Fluoride?


The advanced technology nowadays has the in-built water filter in refrigerators. You do not need a filtration system for your whole house. Refrigerator water filters provide you with clean drinking water based on the contaminants it removes. Talking of contaminants, people also wonder if refrigerator water filters remove fluoride. The short answer to this is yes refrigerator water filters remove fluoride. But it is difficult to find water filters that remove fluoride. Options are limited, but that does not mean it’s impossible to find one. In this article, you will get to know that Swift Green Filters provide you with refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride and other contaminants.


What is fluoride?

Fluorides are substances that include fluorine and other materials, like metal. Some fluorides are naturally found in soil, air, or water, fluoride levels can vary. Fluoride is almost found in all drinking water. It is found in both plants and animal foods. Fluoride tends to collect in calcium-rich regions like the bones and teeth. It enters the body through the digestive section and is absorbed into the bloodstream.


How does too much fluoride in your water affect your health?

Fluorine is a natural element that occurs naturally and is found in the majority of soil types. When fluorine combines with other factors it becomes fluoride. If you do not treat your tap water, then there are high chances of fluoride present in drinking water. Such amounts of fluoride can affect your health and require a suitable filtration system. Now onwards, if you want to purchase a refrigerator with an in-built water filter, you need to check if the filter removes fluoride from water or not.

Is fluoridated water harmful to your health?

People often debate about the possible health effects of drinking water fluoridation. You may also have the same question in your mind “Is fluoridated water harmful to your health?". Here we are letting you know the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride. Based on the information you can get an answer to your question.


Advantages of the Fluoride

  • Fluoride forms a link with teeth and protects them from decaying and allows them to originate resistance from the acid produced by the bacteria.

  • Children who have been drinking fluoridated water since birth have stronger teeth and bones compared to others.

  • Water fluoridation is considered by experts to be a safe and effective method of reducing cavities and protecting teeth.

  • Fluoridation of water is inexpensive for both individual and community levels.

  • Having a balanced level of fluoride in water prevents tooth decay by 25% over a lifetime, according to studies.

Disadvantages of Fluoride

  • Thyroid issue: Parathyroid glands can be destroyed in people who take a lot of fluoride risk. This injury would result in a constant release of the parathyroid hormones. As calcium rate increases in the blood, bones begin to lose calcium. People who intake high concentrations of fluoride regularly, lower calcium levels in the bones can increase the risk of fractures and bones.

  • Damage to the teeth and bones: A high intake of fluoride, particularly in drinking water, will lead to dental fluorosis, which directly affects teeth and bones. Fluorosis forms brittle and inelastic bones and teeth, which leads to fractures, joint damage, tooth injury, and infection. 

  • Health concerns: Overuse of fluoride could cause skin disorders, cardiovascular troubles, and reproductive disorders. All these difficulties are caused by the excess use of fluoride.

Bottom line

Refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride are limited at this time, and a major drawback feature of fluoride removal filters is the lack of laboratory test results showing a fluoride reduction rate. Some of the solutions we have given above are all the advanced options for effective removal of fluoride and you must have got all your answers to “do refrigerator water filter removes fluoride”. Swift Green Filters provide you with the best water filters in the town after conducting sufficient lab tests.


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