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How to Replace LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter

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How to Replace LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter


A refrigerator water filter should be replaced every six months to ensure you are getting quality drinking water. It seems easy but not when you don't know the filter location and the process to replace it. We will let you know how to replace the LG LT700P refrigerator water filter and where to locate it.


Get the Compatible Filter for LG LT700P Water Filter

Swift Green Filters provides the SGF-LA07 water filter, the best replacement filter for the LT700P Water Filter. Replacing the LG LT700P refrigerator water filter is a quick and easy process. Swift Green Filters brings it to you with scientifically proven quality at the best price range. You can order this filter immediately here.

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Why Order SGF-LA07?

  1. The SGF-LA07 water filter is a certified water filter by IAPMO to meet the NSF Standard 42 and 53

  2. It helps in reducing Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO), Lead and Cysts, and all the other harmful contaminants

  3. This filter improves the water taste and quality of your drinking water

  4. 100% compatibility guarantee

  5. Proudly made in the USA

  6. Eco-friendly water filter


    Learn How to Replace LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter

    1. Press the push button to open your refrigerator filter cover

    2. Pull the old filter down to remove it

    3. Insert the new filter 

    4. Push it firmly up in until you cannot move it up further

    5. Keep pushing the filter cover until it gets into the right place

    6. After changing your water filter, flush 2.5 gallons of water through the filter before using it

    7. That's how easy it is to replace the LT700P refrigerator water filter.

    8. Don't forget to reset your refrigerator's 'change filter' light.


    Conclusion :

    Here we have made you learn how to replace the LG LT700P refrigerator water filter in a pretty simple way. If you still have any problem replacing your LG LT700P refrigerator water filter, please feel free to contact Swift Green Filters for any consultation.

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